My Novel-in-Progress

One of the reasons I wanted to launch this blog now is to keep some accountability for my work on the novel I am currently drafting. I started work on this book early this year, but have struggled to get in the swing of actually sitting down and writing the damn thing. In part this is because I’m in my final year of my undergraduate, so I’ve been heavily focused on study, as well as some major changes in my personal life taking over my motivation to be creative. But I refuse to let this be an excuse for my procrastinating any longer.

Juliet on the Balcony, Thomas Francis Dicksee, 1875

So my plan is to post regular updates about word count goals, how the process of writing unfolds, what difficulties I might come up against, and the like. I have to be super honest and say I only have 1.5k words at the moment, despite starting to write a few months ago. This is the time to change that, though!

The novel, with the working title Unlucky Stars, is a YA contemporary exploring the themes of sexism and objectification, as well as transphobia, in the performing arts and media industry. I’ve wanted to write a story with a transgender protagonist for quite some time, without the story itself being focused on the character’s identity. The protagonist, at the moment named Scarlett, is trans just because she’s trans, and that has no bearing on her desires in the novel. The narrative begins with Scarlett, a budding young actress, auditioning for the role of Juliet in her highschool production of the Shakespeare classic for her final year. Despite clearly being fit for the role, she is cast in a minor role for transphobic reasons. Scarlett is offered a means of breaking into her career which plunges her into experiences and decisions that will affect her life beyond the stage.

I’m hoping to post updates once a month at the very least, but I haven’t worked out a posting schedule for the blog in general yet, so I might be able to do it more regularly! Keep an eye out! 🌹x

Published by Leigh Briar

I'm an emerging writer and poet based in Adelaide, Australia, where I am currently undertaking a Bachelor of Creative Arts in Creative Writing at Flinders University. I have been published in a number of small local publications, including student magazines, and self-produce zines exploring the relationship between emotional healing and the written word. I have a curious obsession with roses and may be spotted picking flowers whenever I leave the house.

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